Increase your connection and up the fun-factor tonight with instant access to the printable, digital version of Keeping it Hot: The Workbook.

Keeping it Hot: The Workbook (instant delivery)


Kudos for caring about your relationship!

With the distractions of outside life, it takes work to keep it hot. Let’s move “mixing it up in the bedroom” higher on the priority list, with instant access to Keeping it Hot: The Workbook.

It’s your guidebook to understanding, mutual satisfaction, and equitable partnership and includes:

  • Ideas for mixing it up in the bedroom
  • Exercises for improving self-awareness and improved communication
  • Challenges for building cooperation in a family
  • And more!

Because getting the spark back should be fun, not a fight.

  • Description

Through her candid presence on social media, Ashleigh Renard has built a committed mass-following who tune in daily for her fresh, no-fuss advice on everything from keeping monogamy hot, to renegotiating a marriage, to getting kids to clean the house (because nothing makes her prouder than child labor). With savvy and plenty of humor, her down- to-earth voice tackles topics that are relatable to anyone struggling with the awkwardness of living in a meat suit at Earth School. She resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husband, their three children, a cat, and a dog. As a child she thought Pennsylvania the most unfortunately named state, too similar to Transylvania. To her delight, it has ample sunlight and a remarkably low population of vampires. Laugh with her daily on Instagram.